Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer” Employing Comedy Writer Kurt Metzger Who Talks On Facebook About Choking An Ex

  • Why is Comedy Central still employing “Inside Amy Schumer” staff writer Kurt Metzger given his disturbing behavior towards women on Twitter and his admission on Facebook that he once choked an ex-girlfriend? The comic, who has been vocal about defending any and all rape jokes, has been accused by Jezebel blogger Lindy West and Tiger Beatdown blogger Sady Doyle of making impersonator social media accounts of them. (Turns out he has a loooong history of acting crazy online.) Along with sexualized namecalling and claiming that statistics about rape are “bullshit,”  Metzger also wrote on Facebook about a time he choked a woman: “I had an ex smash all my shit with a hammer because she was insane and I choked her. Not really hard, but definitely criminally.” Eeek. I’m no lawyer, but this guy not only sounds like a douchebag but also a liability. What gives, Comedy Central? [Daily Dot]
  • Here’s a new report on the ways that Virginia’s so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” lie to women about reproductive health care in order to dissuade them from having abortions. [Ms. Magazine]
  • Hawaii’s governor signed a bill yesterday requiring employers to pay at least minimum wage to housekeepers and babysitters, among other domestic workers. [Think Progress]
  • Eleven marriage equality battle ground states to watch. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • A Republican Party official in Illinois stepped down after sending an email which he called Erika Walker, a black female Republican candidate, a “street walker.” [Huffington Post]
  • Entertainment Weekly magazine’s list of the top 100 albums of all time is seriously lacking in women’s representation. [MEOW Online]
  • On the sexism of bridal culture. [The F Bomb]
  • Check out Feministing co-founder Jessica Valenti’s new video series at The Nation magazine’s web site, #AskJessica. [The Nation]
  • Kate Harding on why she stopped being a feminist blogger when it wasn’t fun anymore. [The Toast]


  • An Afghan court has reversed the convictions of three men who tortured a young women when she refused to enter into prostitution. [New York Times]

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