Spa Worker Suing For Being Forced To Get A Brazilian Bikini Wax

On her first day of training at the European Wax Center in Wexford, PA, certified aesthetician Jennifer Finley claims she was required to perform a Brazilian bikini wax on a coworker and to have one done on herself. When Finley refused to participate in the pubic hair removal, unlike the other trainees, she was let go on the spot by the store’s owner.

“I was more than shocked. I was humiliated. I felt what they were doing was illegal. It was very embarrassing,” Finley said of the experience.

Now Finley is suing the store for firing her under those circumstances. “She was asked to expose her most private parts to her co-workers, to their view and their touch, and to have the physical view of her genitals altered. And she did not feel that that was legal,” explained Finley’s attorney.

On the one hand, pubic hair removal is her line of work, so being asked to perform a bikini wax should not be offensive or embarrassing, as long as it’s being performed on a consenting participant. For instance, if I started a new job and my boss asked me to write for him or her as a sort of on-the-job interview, I’d be more than happy to oblige without reservation. However, when it comes to being forced to go bald down there, that’s nobody’s business but her own. If she wants to grow a wild, flowing bush, that’s her prerogative.

What do you think? Will Finley win her case? [WTEA]

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