Men With Sisters Are More Likely To Become Republicans, Do Less Housework

My brother grew up with four sisters in the house. I know, right? Come to find out, there’s more to having a bunch of sisters than just growing up to be a ladies’ man. A new study published in the Journal of Politics has found that boys with sisters are more likely to grow up to be Republicans and also to do less housework. You might think that being exposed to more girls early on might prompt a boy to be more egalitarian — but apparently you would be wrong.

The study examined 3,000 people as part of a National Longitudinal Survey, which has been surveying since 1987. According to authors Andrew Healy and Neil Malhotra, the presence of sisters has been shown to make a man have more conservative views on gender roles. Why is this? Because when there are sisters and brothers in a family, the girls are more likely to do chores in the home. This could be because the parents encourage the girls to do chores instead of the boys and those patterns stick. In adulthood, men will expect women to behave the same: according to the study, men with sisters were almost four percentage points more likely to believe in the statement “a woman’s place is in the home” and 17 percentage points more likely to say their spouse does more housework. Additionally, men who grew up with sisters but no brothers are eight percentage points more likely to be Republicans — and that could be related to early exposure to housework, too. “Gender roles are a big part of the way the parties have sorted themselves these days,” Malhotra noted.

All the more reason for me to not date a Republican, I guess.

[Pew Research via The Atlantic]

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