Dopey IT Guy Mistakenly Broadcasts Nun Sex On A Jumbotron In China

Let this be a lesson to all LED screen repairmen. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT start watching a movie with explicit sex scenes on your laptop while you are still hooked up to a jumbotron billboard that broadcasts in a very public place. I say this because that’s what a repairman for Jilin Southern Advertising in China did.

Forgetting that he was still connected to the enormous, digital screen in the bustling train station, the IT guy began watching sex scenes from the film “Jing Ping Mei,” known in English as “The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks.” (The chopsticks part refers to a scene where a nun named Moon pokes a virgin boy’s manhood with a pair of chopsticks.)

The film broadcast to flabbergasted crowds for about 10 minutes before police arrived and sorted things out with the guy, who admitted that he was a dope. If charged, the IT worker faces punishment for public indecency because — oops! — the jumbotron is about 1,000 feet from an elementary school. These are the kind of mistakes that are hard to make, yet, somehow, people manage to make them. [Buzzfeed]