Beauty Test Drive: Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer

Until recently, I had owned exactly two hair dryers in my life. The first was a travel-sized generic brand model my grandma gave to me that I used until a malfunction turned it into a miniature flame thrower (that was an exciting morning!). The second was a basic Conair dryer that I got to replace the flame thrower, and it gave me a solid seven years of nearly daily use until it finally crapped out last month.

When it came time to replace it, I considered buying one of those super expensive hair dryers that claim to leave your locks perfectly dry and super shiny in 3 minutes flat. I looked into a number of different models that ranged in price from $100 to $300. I was willing to pay top dollar for a high quality product, but in the back of my mind I felt a nagging loyalty to Conair (the hair products brand, not the movie, although I feel a strong emotional allegiance to both). Since my previous hair dryer had lasted SO LONG and not given me any problems, I felt I owed it to Conair to at least read up on their current offerings. I found some good reviews of the Conair Infiniti Pro, and for less than $40, the price couldn’t be beat. I decided to scrap the idea of a spendy hair dryer and went to Walgreens and got an Infiniti Pro instead. Did I make the right call? Read on to find out!

Price/Availability: About $35, Amazon and all major drugstores.

Dry Time: Excellent. I have really thick hair. Every time I get my hair cut, at the beginning of the appointment the stylist says “Oh my! You have such lovely, thick hair!” and then 40 minutes later when they’ve barely made a dent in my giant blonde helmet they grumble, “Like, seriously girl, you have really thick hair.” It is possible for me to stand under a strong showerhead for a few minutes without any water reaching my scalp. Drying my hair with a hotel hair dryer can take upwards of an hour. With the Infiniti Pro, I can give myself a fairly good blowout (that sounds so dirty, huh?) in about 10 minutes. This thing packs some major power.

Shine: Combined with a dollop of this Garnier anti-frizz serum, the Infiniti Pro leaves my hair almost as shiny as it is after a professional blowout. All the expensive dryers make lofty claims about shine, so I was really happy to find a budget dryer that delivers impressively shiny results.

Loudness: Real talk? It sounds like a riding lawnmower. But hey, it gets the job done, so I’m not complaining. However, if you are trying to style your hair and not wake up your roommate and half of your apartment building, you might want to opt for a quieter model.

Options: The Infiniti Pro has 3 different heat settings, two different speeds, a cool shot button, and it comes with a concentrator attachment and a diffuser. Using the concentrator attachment and high heat, I’ve found I can actually straighten my bangs with the Infiniti Pro almost as well as I can with a flat iron — just a few seconds of direct heat flattens my cowlick into submission.

Weight: Unfortunately that lawnmower motor isn’t super light, and my arm definitely starts getting tired after a few minutes of hoisting it over my head. I wouldn’t be surprised if my right triceps start bulking up over the next few months, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; I just need to figure out an exercise to keep my left arm evenly muscled.

Overall Rating: 3/5. It loses points on weight and noise level, but in general I’m super happy with my Infiniti Pro. I think this is a great hair dryer at a great price. Maybe someday I’ll upgrade to a super expensive model, but for now, Conair and I have a good thing going.

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