10 Shameful Secrets We Hide About Doing Laundry

I’m not a simple woman made happy by simple things. I like fancy stuff! But I swear to God, if I could just have a washing machine and dryer inside my apartment …. I’d be as thrilled as if I came home and Michael Fassbender was waiting for me in bed with a bowl of chocolate mousse.

See, I’m lazy about doing laundry. It’s one of my least favorite chores. Not because I mind putting the clothes in the machines and folding them; I don’t mind that at all. It’s just a huge hassle to lug my laundry down a flight of stairs, plus my old-lady pushcart, and go over to the laundromat. The whole ordeal stresses me out so much that I put off doing laundry … and put it off … and put it off … until finally I’m stuck wearing a bikini bottom as undies and T-shirt that doesn’t fit anymore.  (I know that I could make this easier for myself by paying for laundry dropoff/pickup, but I’d rather use that money to pay for dry cleaning more often.) Also, I’m really lazy. There, I said it.

It turns out I’m not the only Frisky staffer with laundry issues. We here by confess to the following:

  1. … running to cheap-o stores like Forever 21 or Kmart to buy extra pairs of panties when we are going to run out.
  2. … sniffing the crotches of jeans, pants and shorts to determine whether they’re worth of a second (or third or fourth) wear.
  3. … Febreeze. All the Febreeze.
  4. …. fishing something out of the dirty laundry pile (ew!) that doesn’t have a stain on it and spritzing an extra spray of perfume.
  5. … ransacking our roommate’s closet. She won’t notice.
  6. … reusing towels a disgusting number of times. Whaaat? I’m clean after I shower!
  7. … ironing something we’ve already worn so that it “looks” clean.
  8. … throwing all our delicates that are supposed to be handwashed and air dried into the machines.
  9. … yet still washing our bras WAY less often than we should. How often are we supposed to wash bras, anyway?
  10. … throwing everything in together in both the washer and the dryer and hoping for the best.

Sheesh. It’s a wonder we still have clothing.

What terrible laundry secrets are you hiding? Tell us in the comments!

[Photo of woman doing laundry via Shutterstock]