Warning: Sex Against Windows May Result In Death

Honestly, this should go without saying, but apparently one couple in China did not see the danger in having sex against a glass window. The glass they were having sex against evidently gave way and the two tragically plummeted to their untimely deaths. Voyeuristic concerns aside, we’re not sure that having sex against a window is something we would ever really be comfortable with. Reports about his particular incident, however, suggest that the window in question was of poor quality to begin with.

Anyway, the two reportedly held each other the entire way down, which we guess is romantic in a super morbid way. As the wise Kanye West once said,

“If we die in each other’s arms
Still get laid in our after life.
If we die in each other’s arms
Still get laid, yeah.”

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[Photo of couple kissing near a window via Shutterstock]