My Top 3 Favorite Female Essayists

Good non-fiction is hard to find. After about 3 years of working on turning my blog into a book, I amazingly and bafflingly have an e-book coming out (I Forgot To Be Famous) of essays . In writing it, I realized a few things. 1. A blog is not a book. 2. I will never be as good as these writers. 3. But that’s okay. Their voices are in my head whenever I write. They’re all fearless, funny, and freaking awesome.

Fran Lebowitz. God I love this woman. Her description of her day sounds a lot like mine. (A summarization of “My Day: An Introduction of Sorts” from The Fran Lebowitz Reader): Wake up at 12:35 when her phone rings. It’s a call from her agent who is, “audibly tan.” She then tries to get back to sleep, finally gets out of bed well after 3 PM, has breakfast around 4 PM, lazes around, has dinner at 9:30 PM with whoever invites her, and finally starts writing at 2 AM. I love her use of sarcasm as optimism.

Amy Ephron. Yes, I am a tiny bit biased considering she is my mentor, but there’s a reason I consider her one, and it’s not just because she supplies me with all the Diet Coke I could ever want. Nay. Amy writes the way Alice fell down the rabbit hole – full of wonder, thinking, I can’t imagine where this is going to go, but I can’t wait to get there. Her essay “Champagne By The Case” is a classic of hers, and one of my favorites. A tidbit: “I have a theory that single women who buy champagne by the case rarely end well. Disclaimer: I’ve been known to make generalizations based on a case study of four.”

The story makes you feel like you’re in 1970s’ Los Angeles with Amy and her oddball friends. It probably helps that I love the film “Almost Famous.”

Carrie FisherWishful Drinking is one of those books that made me hate and love Carrie Fisher at the same time. She has the most interesting life but right when you feel envious, she stabs you with some harsh reality that makes you think, “Yeah, maybe I’ll let her take this one.” There’s something fabulously awful about a writer who can make you bitterly jealous that Cary Grant confronted her about an LSD addiction she never had. Carrie Fisher doesn’t name drop; she name bombs, and those bombs detonate into full-on-what-the-hell-is-this-hilarity. My favorite moment in Wishful Drinking is when she describes Bob Dylan showing up her party in a parka and sunglasses. “Thank God you wore that, Bob, because sometimes late at night here the sun gets really, really bright, then it snows.”

Who are some of your favorite female non-fiction writers or essayists?

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