Evening Quickies: RIP, Google Reader!

  • RIP Google Reader! The picture on the right depicts every single member of The Frisky staff right now (on the inside at least). Here’s a handy flowchart to finding your perfect Google Reader replacement. Yes, you really do have to give it up now. I’ve gone with Feedly but The Old Reader is okay, too. Let us know what you pick in the comments! [Flavorwire]
  • New couple alert: Henry Cavill from “Man Of Steel” is dating Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory.” [US Weekly]
  • Oh, that’s why she sang “Happy Birthday” to a dictator this weekend: Jennifer Lopez got a big, fat check for $1.5 million to do it. [US Weekly]
  • Somebody’s going to get to go to the Los Angeles premiere of “Breaking Bad” and ride there in an RV with Bryan Cranston. [AV Club]
  • Alicia Silverstone has launched a vegan breast milk sharing program called Kind Mama Milk Share. [E! Online]
  • The designer Norma Kamali has settled with a former unpaid intern who sued the designer for violating labor laws. [NYMag.com]
  • Apparently there’s a lot of racism and homophobia on that reality show “Big Brother.” (Amelia surprised us all last week when she confessed to watching it!) [Dlisted]
  • Republican Representative Tim Huelskamp of Kansas introduced a bill on Friday that would amend the Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, thus banning same-sex marriage. The bill will never become a law — amending the Constitution is a big deal — but it did get 28 sponsors. Oy. [Salon]

[Photo of sad woman via Shutterstock]

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