5 Ways To Celebrate Chavril’s Wedding Day

It. Is. Finally. Happening. Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne — the couple known affectionately as Chavril — are getting married in the south of France today. Over the weekend, some Chavril friends tweeted about wedding festivities, which set off a rumor that the wedding happened on Saturday, which set off a frantic stream of “I NEED PICS WHERE ARE THE PICS” messages between Amelia and me, but alas, the event was actually a pre-wedding party. Today is the actual wedding day, and the best part? Today is also Canada Day. Seriously.

Wondering how to properly celebrate the Canadian Royal Wedding? Here are five ideas…

1. Wear black. The easiest way to show Chavril solidarity is to dress in the couple’s preferred non-color scheme: all black, all the time. Complete the look with a generous amount of studs, leather, Converse sneakers, and other punk rock accessories.

2. Instead of waving, make the devil horns symbol at everyone you meet. Don’t worry, people will know you’re just paying homage to Chavril, who practically invented this gesture:

Chavril Devil Horns

3. Date someone your friends don’t approve of. Ever since her breakout single, “Sk8er Boi,” Avril Lavigne has bravely promoted the idea that you should date whoever the hell you want to, mostly because there’s a chance the guy your friends think is lame now will grow up to become a famous rockstar, so you should lock that shit down. She is living her own advice by marrying Chad, lead singer of Nickelback, which is often cited as the most hated band in the world. How can we follow Avril’s example? Start up a romance with someone who makes your friends say WTF IS GOING ON. Optional: asking them to marry you on your second date.

4. Host a Canadian-themed dinner party. It’s no mistake that Canada’s first couple is getting married on Canada Day. Since they decided to get married in France (buuuurrrrrrn!), it was really the least they could do. Show some Canadian pride yourself by having a few friends over for an “O Canada” party. Decorate with red maple leaves. Serve poutine. Watch Ryan Gosling movies. Provide sick guests with free healthcare. Be really, really nice. Eh?

5. Listen to Avril Lavigne and Nickelback all day. Here, I made you this super romantic Chavril Wedding Day Mix to get you started: