Totally Coveted: Sunnies, Starck Chairs & Super-Fancy Bras

Welcome to another edition of Totally Coveted, our new whenever series documenting all the super ridiculous crap we want but (probably, most certainly) are too sensible to buy. Hey, a girl can dream — about $1,200 shoes — can’t she? Take a peek at what we’re coveting, and then tell us what you’re lusting after in the comments!

1. Valentino Studded Cat Eye Sunglasses, $296

Winona: I recently bought a pair of studded wayfarers at Aldo for 12 bucks, but man, if I had an extra $300 lying around, I would totally shell out for these studded Valentino cat eye shades. I’m drawn to the hot pink and turquoise because my general sense of aesthetics never progressed past kindergarten, but I think the black is a more grown-up, versatile choice that I would wear to death.

2. Coqui Coqui Tabaco Eau De Cologne, $72

Julie: Run by an insanely hot model couple, Coqui Coqui is a chain of hotels and perfumeria in and around the Frisky Spiritual Home of Tulum, Mexico. Yes, models, perfume, the beach–– their Tabaco cologne is sensual and deep without feeling too musky. It’s basically perfect.

3. Antiqued Book Wallet, $418

Winona: My current wallet has some issues. Mainly that it’s so old it’s threatening to explode at any moment, and there’s a small hole in the side that somehow collects massive amounts of pennies, Mary Poppins style, and then releases them in a loud waterfall of copper at the most inopportune moments (for example, when I’m trying to pay for my bagel at a very quiet, very judgmental coffee shop). Oh how I yearn for this gorgeous leather clutch that looks like an antique book to replace my tattered penny hoarding wallet. Also? Its fake book title is “Rose,” which is my middle name. It’s obviously M2B (Meant 2 Be).

4. Phillippe Starck Louis Ghost Chair, $410

Julie: The ghost chair is an iconic piece of furniture — a reinvention of the classic Louis XVI chair. It’s considered a “postmodern trumph of technical innovation and historical style,” but whatever. We just think it looks really cool.

5. Gap Denim Biker Jacket, $89.95

Rachel: You guys, this is HUGE. I spotted this jacket in a Gap a few years back, long after it had gone on sale and the inventory had been ransacked. The only one remaining was an XL, but never one to pass up the last of an item that I love even if it’s so ill-fitting as to make my proportions completely ridiculous, I still had to have it. A bit of careful sleeve-rolling later (god forbid they ever come undone) and this jacket, though clearly much too large on me, is a perennial favorite that I wear through every season year after year. I’ve never stopped searching for it on eBay to no avail, and even briefly entertained purchasing the $300 Helmut Lang version because I just loved the original so damn much. (Might I add, it’s also a magic jacket of sorts — my best friend was chilly one evening so I foolishly offered it to her, then had to show up at her home unannounced and push through the front door to reclaim it a few days later.) AND YET! It lives. I can’t be the only one who just loves this stupid jacket beyond the point of reason, because Gap brought it back. Now for the question: would it be ludicrous for me to repurchase in a more suitable size? Decisions, decisions.

6. Agent Provocateur Dioni Embroidered Tulle Bra, $790

Rachel: I have a strange, borderline superstitious relationship with undergarments that are meant to be seen — as someone who lives by the general mantra of “the worst thing that could possibly happen will happen, and it will happen to you the worst,” I envision myself purchasing a fancy (and, yes, expensive) set of lingerie, putting it all on before a date (or, you know, a “hang out,” that’s what the young, slutty people are calling it these days) and getting real excited about it… Cut to me having some kind of blowout argument or total misadventure that leaves me all but alone, in said pretty lingerie, laying on my bed drinking white wine out of the bottle and crying to an episode of “Locked Up Abroad”. So yeah, I pretty much stick to the basics (let’s just say you definitely won’t be catching me at La Perla), but should I somehow come into the budget, this baby will be mine, date or no date.