Woman Grabs Man’s Crotch Before Duo Robs Him

Apparently, a crotch grab is the real way to a man’s heart — or to his nonexistent wallet. Two women in Seattle made a really, really poor robbery attempt after making a date with a man they casually seduced by grabbing his crotch.

According to police reports, the caretaker victim was helping a patient move out of his building when the two temptresses drove up, called him over, performed their subtle move, and set up a coffee date with him for the following day.

Cut to the next afternoon and the poor shmuck, who probably thought he was on his way to a good-time threesome, hopped in their car in a parking lot and found to his hard-on’s disappointment that they didn’t want coffee, but for him to cash a check for them.

The man obliged, but Thelma and Louise drove around a while only to circle back to the parking lot where they demanded the man’s wallet. Maybe the victim saw this coming (or maybe he just assumed they were treating), but the lucky hornball did not have his wallet on him.

Dissatisfied, the women took his cellphone and a sizable amount of dignity. Better luck next time. [KBOI2.com]

[Image of woman grabbing man’s crotch courtesy of Shutterstock]