Awesomely Affordable: 12 Wonderful Wallets Under $100

I need a new wallet. I know I need a new wallet because I never use the one I have, and instead randomly shove all my cash and credit cards into random crevices in my purse. You can imagine how awkward and cumbersome this can be, especially when you’re at a checkout counter and you’re pulling random dollar bills and sweater lint from your bag. That’s why I’ve dug deep and found 12 affordable-ish wallet options (guys, real leather does not come cheap), to get your — and my — wallet game looking tight.

1. W.H. Limited Leather Overflap Wallet, $40
2. Faith On Earth Handmade Bi-fold Clutch Wallet, $37
3. Rockitbot Nerdherder Gadget Wallet, $29
4. Anthropologie Odra Leather Wallet, $88
5. deWolfe Leather Wallet in Black, $30
6. Pendleton Zip Wallet, $48
7. Rebecca Minkoff Metro Pass Wallet, $75
8. Guess Caytie Clutch Wallet, $27.99
9. Dispatch Madewell Mini-Wallet in Vine, $54.50
10. Henri Bendel Centennial Stripe Mini Zip, $58
11. Banana Republic Bella Wallet, $62.99
12. Karmaloop Walart Wallet, $4.95