The Pixies Release Their First New Song In Nine Years

One can never be too certain as to what is going on with the Pixies at any given moment — the band’s tense internal relations have received almost as much air time as their music since their inception in 1986. Friction between frontman Black Francis and bassist/vocalist Kim Deal was cited as the reason for the group’s initial dissolution in 1993, and just two weeks ago the remaining members announced that Deal had left the band once again. Back in 2011, drummer David Lovering suggested that the original lineup would in fact be working on a new album, but the tracks never came to light … until now! Yep, that’s right: the Pixies just came out with “Bagboy,” their first song in nine years, and god knows that any day that marks the release of a new Pixies song is a GREAT day. Nothing. Else. Matters. []