One Million Phony Condoms Intercepted In Europe

Nothing like the discovery of one million counterfeit condoms to make you extra, super paranoid about having safe sex. More than $60,000 worth of phony condoms, coming from China and headed for the unsuspecting genitals of Europe, was intercepted by customs agents in central Poland. “Basically, goods from certain places are checked more than others,” said a spokesman for the customs agency. China is notorious for shipping out condoms that are covered in cheap or hazardous lubricant, full of holes, made from crap materials that split and tear, or produced in unhygienic surroundings. And obviously, these bogus condoms are useless in protecting people from unwanted pregnancies and STIs, posing major health crisis if they hit consumer markets. Um, that’s very scary. It almost makes you want to make condoms at home. Is that hard to do? [Telegraph[Photo of condoms from Shutterstock]