Texas Hero Wendy Davis Talks The Filibuster, Abortion Rights & The Questionable Tactics Of Pro-Life Senators

Texas senator Wendy Davis appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360″ Wednesday night to discuss her historic filibuster against anti-abortion Senate Bill 5. Davis thanked all of the supporters in the gallery for standing with her through the 13-hour ordeal. “Their energy kept me going,” she said. “I was amazed by it.”

Cooper asked Davis whether she thought what she’d done would have any lasting effect, given that Governor Rick Perry has already called for another special session to pass the bill. “I think the most important thing we accomplished is that we empowered the voice of people in Texas,” she said.

Cooper also addressed the mysterious, possibly-illegal changing timestamp on the vote. It came out yesterday that the date was changed after the fact, to reflect an earlier, false voting record. “We know it was purposeful,” said Davis. “and I think there’s going to be further investigation.” [CNN]