Pets Dressed As People Who Look Like Their Pets

Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani was struck by the way some pet owners managed to look like their pets, and vice versa. Are we drawn to animals that in some way resemble or reflect our inner and outer lives (and if so, what does Colonel Mustard say about me?). Magnani did some swift Photoshopping and created this portrait series, titled Underdogs, which explores the hidden connections between people and the pets we choose.

Some of them are cute.

Pets dressed as people who look like their pets

Some of them are viscerally creepy.

Pets dressed as people who look like their pets

“Dogs are considered loyal, selfless, trustworthy, life-saving, fun and proud companions in a world where these values are gradually disappearing,” writes Magnini on his website.  Dogs are also really funny-looking when they wear people clothes. [Sebastian Magnani]