Texas Governor Rick Perry Plans Special Session For July 1 To Vote On SB5 Despite Last Night’s Defeat

Oh hell no. Texas Governor Rick Perry has said the state legislature will hold a special session on July 1, saying that “too much important work remains undone,” referring of course to the complete dismantling of women’s reproductive rights in the state. Yesterday, Texas state Senator Wendy Davis filibustered for an astounding 13 hours, preventing the legislature from voting on Senate Bill 5 before the end of the session at midnight. About 10 minutes before midnight, the Republicans tried to take it to a vote, but were drowned out by the chants and cheers of pro-choice activists in the gallery, making it impossible for the vote to be legally recorded. For Gov. Perry to call a special session, even though SB5 was defeated fair and square, is despicable. “We will not allow the breakdown of decorum and decency to prevent us from doing what the people of this state hired us to do,” Perry pontificated. The women of Texas were too busy defending their rights to behave themselves, Governor. And the only thing that’s indecent is how many women’s lives SB5 would put at risk. This isn’t over. [The Daily Beast]