Some Of Our Favorite Things Are Weird Dude Energy

The blog Weird Dude Energy is exactly what it sounds like: Weird dude stuff. Amazing weird dude stuff. All kinds of weird dude stuff. Basically, it might be the best thing that ever happened to me. Oh, you like cheesy pick up artists demonstrating how to win over girls with “astrology bullshit”? There’s a video for you. Strange SIMS fight sequences? Yup. Lil B The Based God teaching girls how to cook? You got it. All that and a man playing an arcade game in a picaresque stream can be found at Weird Dude Energy.

Did you say you wanted to see a guy stuff five thousand kernels of popcorn down his pants? We can make that happen…

 Or how about Glenn Beck … talking to Glenn Beck … in a wig? About death panels?

And we’re not even gonna pretend like we know what this is:

[Weird Dude Energy]