Kickass Woman Of The Day: 5-Year-Old Golf Prodigy Bella Dovhey

Don’t let her blonde curls and dimpled smile fool you: five-year-old Bella Dovhey means business. Although quite young, golf prodigy Dovhey is really getting into the swing of things, a potential professional golfing career just a chip, pitch or putt away.

Bella’s father, Micheal Dovhey of Oviedo, Florida, is amazed by his daughter’s golfing capabilities. “I can’t believe how long a hitter Bella is for a five-year-old,” said Dovhey. “She drives the ball from the tee 115- to 130 yards. Last July, she started reaching the green from the ladies tee box on hole No. 7 [at Twin Rivers Golf Club in Oviedo], a par 3 hole that requires the ball to carry more than 80 yards over water.”

Last Wednesday, Bella had her biggest feat in the 40th annual Pepsi Titan Little People’s tournament in Quincy, Illinois, where she won the 3 to 5 girls age division. That’s not her only claim to fame, though. Bella’s success includes a hole-in-one, wins in eight consecutive U.S. Kids tournaments, and overall wins in 30-of-35 tournaments.

Already Bella has met golf superstars Annika Sorenstam and had Jack Nicklaus sign her golf glove. She even  demonstrated the correct way to swing a club during a clinic with former pro golfer Brandel Chamblee.  Although Dovhey has only been playing golf for 1 ½ years, she really enjoys the sport and at five-years-old, isn’t too focused on her potential future success. “Playing golf is fun,” said Dovhey. “I like playing golf with my daddy.”

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[Photo via Orlando Sentinel]