It’s Time To Cry: Bette Midler Sings “Wind Beneath My Wings” To Dying Fan

You may be in need of an emotional release after last night’s filibuster and this morning’s DOMA ruling. Perhaps a good cry, “Beaches” style? I’ve got just the video to destroy your soul so the Phoenix can rise again from the ashes. Shortly before superfan Anna Greenberg lost her battle with cancer, Bette Midler placed a phone call to the 28-year-old on her death bed.

“It’s a mean world and I think the idea that people are kind and that they enhance the world, they are life enhancing, is so important. I’m just so touched that I was able to see the shining light that is around you,” said Midler. That alone is enough to squeeze a tear out of a stone, but then Bette went on and fulfilled one of Greenberg’s dreams by singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” to her. OK. I’m done for. Sobbing at my desk. [Queerty]