A Second-By-Second Reaction To The Backstreet Boys’ New Single, “In A World Like This”

You guys, HUGE NEWS. The Backstreet Boys released a new single from their 9th album, In A World Like This, and even the cool kids think it’s good! Obviously, as a lifelong BSB fangirl, I experienced a lot of emotions while listening to it and watching the nostalgia-filled lyric video, all of which I have transcribed in real time below.

0:01 I’m already crying.

0:05 Ooh I’m liking the simple guitar intro.

0:10 AJ, someday I hope to find the technology to distill your voice into a lotion and use it to exfoliate my thighs.

0:26 Loving these harmonies!

0:38 OK, this shit is fucking catchy.

0:40 I’m already singing along and I’ve never heard this song before. How is that even possible? Not that I’m complaining. “I know we’re gonna make it!”

0:58 That beautiful harmony is why BSB has lasted 20 years.

1:08 We do live in a time where nothing comes from the heart. Way to call that out, BSB. We’ve gotta make some changes.

1:16 You know, I used to hate Nick’s voice, but he sounds amazing in all their newer stuff.

1:22 This little timeline of their career is making me SO EMOTIONAL. I remember all of this because I kept careful track of it in my Lisa Frank diary.

1:51: This chorus is legit inspiring. I will never back down, BSB! Neeevvveeerrrrr!

2:27 Oooooh dramatic break in the song is synced up to the part in the timeline where Kevin Richardson left the band. Sigh. It was a dark time for all of us.

2:34 Howie your voice is like butter! But whenever I think about you I picture you in your mid-90s dark denim overalls, which makes me laugh.

2:53 Yay for 2012! Kevin’s back! Rejoice!

3:01 Obsessed with these soaring notes. You’re killing it, boys!

3:24 This chorus is going to be stuck in my head for the next three months. Not that I’m complaining.

3:33 Jesus, AJ, why have you never said “I’ve got you” in your sexy voice to me? At least now I can play this over and over and pretend you are speaking directly to me like I used to do with my tape of “I’ll Never Break Your Heart.”

3:37 Bra-fucking-vo, BSB! Truly, a modern masterpiece.