Naveena Shine,The Woman “Living On Light” Like A Plant, Goes Back To Solid Foods

In case you missed her, Naveena Shine is the Seattle woman who was attempting to “Live On Light.” For those of you who have never heard of such a thing (this is for humans mind you, not plants), “Living On Light” is a form of Breatharianism, a belief that people can live without ever eating or drinking and can exist on cosmic micro-food (sunlight and air). There are allegedly thousands of people on the world “Living On Light,” but no one has yet to prove it. That’s where Shine’s big idea came in. The 65-year-old wanted to prove that “Living on Light” was possible to “save the planet from the utter destruction we are inflicting on it.”

Shine described the experiment on her blog as:

A period of between four and six months within an environment that contains nothing that could be described as food. The subject is free to drink any liquid that could not be seen as food. Water and tea with a splash of milk are acceptable as is coffee with a splash of cream. There will be no juice, no powders and no alcohol … This experiment is not about starving but about activating or transforming to another system that will replace the need to ingest carbon based food.

After 47 days of blogging and YouTubing about her experience “Living On Light,” Shine announced that she would “conclude the experiment and begin the process of slowly moving back into eating normal food again.”

For what reason, you ask? Because she lost too much weight? Because she reported feeling tired or dizzy, and vomited when drinking water? Because “Living On Light” might have been a “slow starvation?” No. Because she ran out of money and could no longer afford to live like a plant (which seems to me to be the most inexpensive of lifestyles).

“The overt reason,” she wrote on her blog and accompanying video, “is that on that day the phones and internet will be cut off and I have nothing to pay for the space I am in … There is nothing like the black and white clarity of money for bringing important messages into our lives.”

The message in this case being: EAT! EAT! EAT! (As I’m writing this, I’m munching on a bag of Hickory Smoked BBQ potato chips and they’re delicious!)

Shine gives no concrete answers about where she will live or how she will pay for food now that she is no longer “Living On Light.” But reflecting more deeply on her experiment, she admits:

From the feedback I am getting it is becoming patently clear that most of the world is by no means ready to receive the information I am attempting to produce. Even if it were true that a person can “Live On Light” and I were successful in demonstrating that, I see now that it would be synonymous with giving a loaded shotgun to baby. The vast majority of people would inadvertently shoot themselves with it.

I’m not totally sure, but I think that means that the rest of us non-Breatharians are just not advanced enough to “Live On Light” and if given the information before we were ready to receive it, we might destroy ourselves with it.

But still, Shine does not consider her experiment a total bust, she thinks it was “amazingly successful.” In closing, she writes:

After 47 days I still feel really good, weight loss is slowing and all seems well. However, I still have no evidence that I am actually ‘Living On Light’ … Now that I am ending the experiment I will never know. I actually think it is a blessing in disguise. Now the subject can continue living in the mystery, living in the question, because that is where the progress will come from … It did not do what I thought it was going to do but it did do what Existence wanted it to do. That is what I call “perfect.”

That quote is going on my bulletin board. [The Daily Dot]