I’m Really Not Sure How I Feel About Exploding Actresses

I’m really not sure how I feel about the new Tumblr “Exploding Actresses.” On the one hand, isn’t it slightly (totally) weird and misogynistic to depict actresses heads being violently blown up? On the other hand, maybe it’s a smart commentary about how negative, stereotypical tropes about women need to be unpacked and exploded. And on a third, completely superfluous hand, I can’t help but giggle — the same way I involuntarily laugh when somebody trips or falls down — at these cartoon-y head explosions of everyone from Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” to Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.”

The explosions seem to have been made by Simone Rovellini, who bills himself as a “videomaker and dog petter,” and since he hasn’t given us an artist’s statement about the project, we’re left to wonder what he’s trying to achieve here. So Simone, let us know: are you some violent jerk or a studied cultural commentator? [Exploding Actresses]