Could Your Face Shape Be Hurting Your Love Life?

Maybe it turns out your last relationship really DID end because you were “too attractive for him”.  A recent study done by the University of Stirling and and Benedict Jones from the University of Glasgow found that when choosing long-term mates men prefer women with with “less feminine/attractive faces” and when on the hunt for a fling men tend to look for women with more feminine features such as a smaller jaw and high cheekbones.  Feminine features are closely related to a woman’s perceived attractiveness and studies have found that the more feminine-looking the face, the more attractive a woman is perceived.   In the study, several hundred heterosexual men were shown composite pictures of women’s faces made by scientists, one with more feminine features and one version with more masculine features, and asked to rate which woman they would rather be in a long-term relationship with and more often men chose the less feminine face.  Previous research has shown that more attractive women are more likely to be unfaithful to their partners and scientists in this most recent study seem to believe that men seek out “less feminine/attractive faces” since they believe they are less likely to be cheated on since, “if a partner cheats on him, a man risks raising a child that is not his own,” one author wrote. This most recent study seems to fit the trend of mating studies, which in the past have mostly focused on women, that have said that women tend to prefer more rugged, masculine features for a fling but would prefer a long term relationship with a “geekier” man.