Alexa Chung: “Creepy Men” Used To Exploit Me As A Young Model

  • Alexa Chung revealed that earlier in her modeling career “creepy men” would ask her to take her clothes off. “I didn’t want to tell [my parents] too much about the reality of what was going on — when I was taking the train to London and being asked to do certain things,” she explained. “I already knew it was wrong. So, you know, if there was a casting where some creepy man there had gone on to his flat in Ilford, and , you know, ‘Take your clothes off…’ and if I’d have done it, I won’t tell my mum because I know that’s wrong. You had lots of castings where they were like,’This is for swimwear,’ and in hindsight, I look back and think, ‘Did you really need an 18-year-old girl to strip in your front room?'” Sadly these exploitative tales are all too common. [Cosmopolitan UK]
  • Justin Bieber is banned from indoor skydiving (???) in Las Vegas for being “disrespectful.” [Page Six]
  • Last week, Paula Deen didn’t get her Food Network show renewed; now her racism shit-kerfluffle has gotten her fired from a Smithfield ham endorsement deal. [People]
  • A simple guide to figuring out if you’re a Beyonce or a Solange. [Crushable]
  • In response to the racist reactions to a Cheerios commercial starring an interracial family, the Tumblr “We Are The 15%” shows happy families in all sorts of hues. [Refinery29]
  • Want to own pieces of Monica Lewinsky’s wardrobe? (crickets) Now you can! []
  • Religious wackadoodle and former Senator Rick Santorum is the new head of a good, clean “faith-based” movie studio with no cussing or dirty bits. [Guardian UK]
  • Te great documentaries about punk rock. [Flavorwire]
  • A skeptical look at “Frozen,” the newest Disney princess film. [Bitch Magazine]
  • Hugh Hefner’s ex/”The Girls Next Door” star Holly Madison is engaged to her considerably less wrinkly baby daddy, Pasquale Rotella. [US Weekly]
  • The Bulgarian model whose face is on the cover of Sally Hansen facial hair removal cream claims she’s never been paid for that gig. [New York Daily News]

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