Yet Another Example of Paula Deen’s Racism: She Allegedly Paid African-Americans In Booze, Not Money

Paula Deen's Racism
Paula Deen has jumped the racism shark
She wanted middle-aged black men to dress as "slaves." Read More »
Deen Loses TV Show
paula deen fired from food network
Food Network didn't renew their contract with Paula Deen. Read More »
Paula Deen racism

“Paula and Bubba just gave us beer and alcohol and I don’t even drink.  It was insulting and unfair.  I was like, ‘Pay me! She knew I had just gotten married.  I had a baby on the way.  I needed the money and I was the only one to step up and complain over it because half of the kitchen just needed their jobs.  I was fired over it in the end because I’m not afraid to speak my mind.”

––Oh, Paula, Paula, Paula. This is the new claim made by an African-American oyster cook that was employed at one of Paula Deen’s restaurants from 2008 to 2010. He claims that Deen threatened to fire her employees if they did not work overtime at the parties she held at her Savannah, Georgia, mansion. It’s been a (rightfully!) rough week for Deen, who last week publicly apologized for racist comments and lost her show at the Food Network. Stay tuned for more dodgy stories coming out. [Radar Online]

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