Not This Crap Again: Florida Police Officer Asks Woman To Remove Bra, “Shake It” For Him

A standard traffic stop over a broken headlight turned into sexual abuse in Florida when a Lakeland police officer asked Zoe Brugger to lift up her shirt, pull her bra away from her chest, and shake it. He then decided that the first time had not been sufficient, so she was made to do it again. The best part?

He had literally no reason to have her do this.  

How is telling a woman to show her breasts legitimate police work? Well, it’s not. The police officer, Dustin Fetz, stated that he had her do this as part of a drug search (because she didn’t have a proper driver’s license), but he also had no more specific reason to suspect that Brugger was carrying drugs. District Attorney Jerry Hill criticized Officer Fetz saying, “This highly questionable search method is not only demeaning, but is ineffective and possibly dangerous.” Hill went on to say that it was a dangerous tactic because if Brugger had been concealing a weapon, this would have given her a prime opportunity to grab it. To sum it all up, this was one of the worst moves that Officer Fetz could have made. To make matters even worse, Fetz completed the search without the use of a mandatory audio recorder on the police dash-cam. Fetz has merely been placed on four days paid leave — paid! — as punishment for his violation.

Obviously Officer Fetz is trying to defend his actions, but his defense argument is possibly worse than his police work. He stated that this “bra shaking” is a known method at the LPD, but he can’t actually remember being formally trained in using it. That’s probably because there is no way this is a legitimate way to search someone. After harassing Brugger and searching her car while she and her boyfriend sat on the curb, Fetz was finally finished with his bogus power trip. He gave Brugger a ticket, told her to show up in court, and then said, “I’m done scaring you, and you can go home now.” Gee thanks, Officer Fetz!

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