Is Beagle-Boxer-Basset Walle Really The World’s Ugliest Dog?

So okay, he’s got a little bit of a humpback and his head might be a bit too big for his body, but is it really fair to crown Walle, the beagle/boxer/basset mix from Chico, California, as the world’s ugliest dog. One judge apparently said that Walle “looked like he’d been Photoshopped from other dogs.” But how does Walle stack up against other past contestants:

Elwood worlds ugliest dog



An unnamed gorgeous contestant.

I guess Walle’s defining feature was not his stunning face, but his humpback and stumpy little legs. Whatever Walle, it got you on “The Today Show” and I’m sure you’re drowning in more doggie treats than you can handle right now. You’re always beautiful to us.