Blonde Ambition: 10 Stunning Shades Of Celebrity Blondes

Blondes, blondes, blondes. Gentlemen prefer them! They have more fun! They make the best victims, they’re like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints! Sorry, what? (Relax, it’s Hitchcock.) All I know is that I suffer from what’s been a pretty much lifelong case of Major Blonde Envy. Ill-fated attempts at flaxen have only turned my naturally super-dark hair a sad, burnt-looking shade of orange-red, so I’ve accepted my fate as being forced to observe from the sidelines… and don’t celebrities make the best subjects to appreciate vicariously from afar? I wouldn’t say that these 10 gorgeous celeb blondes, from platinum to honey and everything in between, make me feel any better about my intangible blonde ambitions, but they sure are nice to look at!