UPDATE: A Questionable School Dress Code Bans Afro-Puffs

UPDATE, 4:45p.m.: Via Jezebel, Horizon Science Academy has posted an apology on their web site and said it will “correct the information” in its dress code, as well as send out an updated version. [HorizonLorain.org]

School dress codes are generally a great thing for kids. The mission statement of the new dress code at The Horizon Science Academy in Lorain, Ohio is a very promising one; the goal is to decrease the pressure on students to fit in with their clothing. It diminishes socioeconomic differences between students and creates a sense of unity at school. All good ideas, but this dress code in particular has a very strange and racist stipulation: it inexplicably bans afro-puffs and small twisted braids.

Clearly this unfairly targets black students with natural hair. An afro-puff is just what happens when natural black hair is put into a ponytail or pigtails. By this logic, pig tails and ponytails should also be banned. So why does this school see it fit to ban afro-puffs alone? The blog Black Girl Long Hair ventured a guess.

“The dress code restrictions highlight an age-old struggle that naturals face from both within and outside of the black community. Our hair is viewed as radical, funky or unruly in its natural state, and restrictions are sometimes placed on us in academic and professional settings that do not extend to our non-black counterparts.”

It would be ridiculous to ban ponytails and pig tails so it is ridiculous to ban afro-puffs and small twisted braids. Shame on you, Horizon Science Academy.


[Photo: Girl Reading Book via Shutterstock]