Hoarding Gets The Fashion Editorial Treatment, Because Of Course

Natural disasters, tragic suicides, prostitution — ain’t no controversial subject in the world that fashion will hesitate to get its well-manicured hands all over. I feel like Fashion sits around a conference table and says to itself, “What are things that are not glamorous, and definitely offensive, and maybe even sort of gross, that we can stylize and insert a vacant-eyed model into and turn into Fashion?” Hoarding checks all of those boxes. Unfortunate? Yes! Disgusting? Yes! A real pathological malady that real human beings suffer from in their real lives? Well, of course! Interview Magazine brings to us “The Hoarder.”

She lives in her own world, surrounded by the comfort of her possessions, a dark nostalgia, and romantic layers that cover the skin. She’s a contemporary Miss Havisham, as modernity meets tradition and classically tailored coats and jackets meet exaggerated boots and enormous wedges, with protective covers of matt and shine. Here comes Pre-Fall.

That’s right: a bowl full of decomposing noodles on your bedroom floor is a huge trend for next fall. Oh, fashion! You’re the best, I love you. [Jezebel]

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