Everyone Deserves A Fairy-Enchanted Room Makeover

The best roommates ever (well, at least in my opinion) decided to make over their out-of-town housemate Tom’s room while he was away overseas. But it wasn’t your average HGTV type makeover, it was a fairy-enchanted room makeover, which, I suppose categorizes the renovation as a prank.

“Tom’s English, so he loves his monarchy. He loves the flag and his English heritage. He loves the empire, so what we’re gonna do is create a new empire. A fairy-enchanted, beautiful empire,” his roomie explained in the video of the makeover process.

With a budget of only $60, the roommates recruited friends to help paint Tom’s room bubble gum pink, make a flower-laden canopy bed, Photoshop his face on pictures of little girls and generally pimp his room out with plush toys and My Little Ponies.

And Tom’s reaction? He was good sport about it. The hidden reaction cam caught his hearty laughter and a “you’re such c**nts!”

According to Tom’s Reddit thread, he’s planning on keeping the room the way it is. He hasn’t brought a girl back to his fairy empire yet, but when he does he says, “The look on their face will decide the future of the relationship.” Oh yes, it will. [The Daily Dot]