Are Creepy Hackers Watching You Right This Second?

Stealing credit card information and social security numbers is so passé nowadays. The new fad of invading privacy online is to actually watch unsuspecting victims, or, I’m sorry, “slaves” as these hackers like to call them, through their own webcams.

That’s right, ladies: internet hackers have just found an alarmingly inventive way of invading your privacy by actually watching you through your own computer. Cue the goose bumps.

“Rattling” is the new trend of tricking young women into downloading a link (which is really a virus) that gives them access to their computers and webcams. And to add another chill factor to this creepy, sci-fi, horror story, an underground market has developed where voyeuristic hackers can buy and sell their “slaves” for viewing pleasure. The links sent to your email are disguised as anything from diet tips to celebrity gossip.

Come on guys, can’t you go back to just stealing our money? We promise we’re not doing anything entertaining when we’re stalking people Facebook. And we definitely do it with our tops on.

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[Image of woman on laptop via Shutterstock]