You Can’t Say The Queen Wasn’t Warned…

Finally a story to bring out the giddy nerd lurking inside all of us. Not only does it contain UFOs and British monarchy, but add in some Death Eater-like locutions and you’ve got yourself a teen-sci-fi-fantasy-novel in the works.

British National Archives released letters sent between 2007 and 2009 to members of British government, including the Queen, urging them to take action over “UFO security issues.”

But the awesomest part is the content of the letters. Here’s when the Harry Potter flashbacks kick in:

“I await your immediate action and response to the serious UFO issue. I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majsty’s humble and obedient servant.”

-Australian UFO researcher

Tell me that’s not something Bellastrix Lestrange would send to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Another example from J.K. Rowling’s twin:

“You are capable of deciding your own destiny. The question is Your Majesty, which path will you choose?”

I know what your thinking––that’s sooooo Dumbledore.

After reading the quotes from the ufo-ologists, I’m still not exactly sure what they want the government to do besides “act.” And come to think of it, if these UFOs are that big of a threat, why are these writers just trying to save Britain? From across the pond, I have to admit, I feel slightly vulnerable.

Buckingham Palace, meanwhile, tried to contain their hysteria by responding in a curt, “This is not a matter in which Her Majesty would intervene.”

Or that’s what they want us to think.


[Image courtesy of Getty Images]