Baby Hair Contest Winner Accused Of Wearing A Wig

This is a story about babies in wigs! My most favorite topic there is. As I mentioned previously, if I ever have a baby, it will be made to wear a variety of wigs, depending on my/its mood. I don’t care if you think that’s strange, it’s what I’ll need to do to ensure that I am the best parent I can be. Anyhow, I am here to tell you about what is being called an “epic baby hair scandal.” The very best kind of scandal there is!

The blog Mommy Shorts held a photo contest for “Most Epic Head of Baby Hair,” and the winner, Layla, dubbed “Baby Annette Funicello,” was accused by sore loser mommies on Facebook of wearing a wig.  Layla’s mother was outraged by the accusation and took to the social media site to defend her baby’s epic hair.

Then Mommy Shorts made an official statement confirming the authenticity of Layla/ Annette’s locks:

“I think Annette sealed her victory before the contest even started when everyone questioned whether she was actually wearing a wig. As if, baby-sized wigs were a regular thing. Annette’s mom supplied the proof below and said if anyone still questioned the authenticity of her daughter’s hair, they were more than welcome to come over and brush it in the morning.”

To that I say: A). Baby-sized wigs should  be a regular thing  and B) Who cares if Baby Annette was wearing a wig? I’m pretty sure the real Annette Funicello (may she rest in peace) wore wigs. Also, this is not “Toddlers & Tiaras” where there is a cheap trophy and a gift certificate to Olive Garden at stake. This is a photo contest on a blog. Congrats to Baby Annette Funicello and her epic hair. Check out some of the runners up below. May I point out that some of these babies also look like they might be wearing wigs…not that I object. [Boston]