WTF Is Oreo Thinking With These Watermelon Cookies?

Oreo Corporation, You know I love you, in particular for your double stuffed innovations. You guys were supersizing before there even was supersizing. But for fuck’s sake, what is with these weird ass flavor combos, guys? I have a lot of ideas for Oreo fillings, chief among them a S’mores flavor, because it obviously makes sense. But no, instead you guys insist on things like Cool Mint (found in bulk in dollar stores) and Candy Corn, and Banana Split flavor (gross.) In China, you can get Mango/Orange Oreos and Birthday Cake flavor (which sounds delicious). And in Indonesia, blueberry-flavored cookies are in vogue. But the latest flavor sensation to hit the states? How about some watermelon Oreos (made with vanilla cookies instead of chocolate)? Or maybe you’d prefer Strawberries ‘n’ Cream Oreos? Because those are a real thing, too. Guys, let’s get it together. [Laughing Squid]