RIP Society: Mom Poses As Daughter In Converse, Low-Rise Jeans For High School Exam

Moms these days.

In Paris, a 52 year-old mother-of-the-year named Caroline D. tried to help her 19 year-old daughter on the English portion of her high school baccalaureate exam by actually taking it for her. The whole thing.

Now that’s a cool mom.

Unfortunately hilariously-bold-Caroline was removed two hours into the exam. French police stated they did not want to disturb the other, age-appropriate students.  And even though Caroline is now facing charges of fraud, and her daughter can kiss goodbye any chances she ever had of getting into to a real university; the real crime was how Caroline chose to disguise herself. She was dressed in converse sneakers, low-rise jeans, and tons of makeup.

Oh Caroline, do we have to tell you everything? You should never, ever get your teen fashion cues from watching 2002 Avril Lavigne music videos. Maybe if you had been a little more observant, your English-illiterate daughter could have gone to college this year. But that’s all in the past now, Caroline D. You’ll always get an A for gall and delusion in my books.

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