New Beauty Trend? Men Wear Makeup, Too

Forget the drawer, clear out space in your makeup bag if your man is moving in. According to a recent survey of a thousand millennial-age men, guys have officially become more comfortable adopting the grooming habits of women. As many as 60 percent of men now use women’s skincare products, with 14 percent okaying nail polish, 18 percent foundation, and 12 percent eyeliner.

We’re not sure whether to thank Jared Leto, or Captain Jack Sparrow for this change of heart.

These somewhat surprising stats may have prompted former Gucci designer Tom Ford to announce the creation of his new grooming line coming out this fall, Tom Ford For Men, which will include concealers, bronzing gels, and mud masks—-all exclusively for men.

We’re not really sure how we feel about this. While we can’t blame guys for turning to products we’ve relied on for decades, but we’re not sure we want to be swapping Essies with them either (at least ones we’re dating). What do you think?

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[Image via Getty Images]