Beauty Test Drive: Sinful Colors Nail Polish

I’ve been a fan of Sinful Colors nail polish for a long time, for multiple reasons: one being the fact that it only costs $2 a bottle, another being that it is sold near the beauty counter at Walgreens, which means I buy like three bottles of it per week. Last night I layered SC’s bright blue “Most Sinful” polish under a topcoat of the glittery “Hottie” and was delighted to find it created a sort of galaxy print effect. I shared a pic of my surprise space mani on our Instagram (by the way, are you following us on Instagram? You totally should be! We’re @thefrisky), but I thought it was also finally time to give my favorite cheapie nail polish brand a proper review.

Read on for all the details!

Price: $1.99, drugstores.

Packaging: Run-of-the-mill nail polish jar, nothing too special except for the brush, which deposits the perfect amount of color and is super easy to handle. See those little smears at the base of my thumbnail? With other nail polish brushes, those smears would extend about halfway to my knuckle. As I’ve mentioned before, I am TERRIBLE at home manicures. With Sinful Colors brushes, I am a little less terrible.

Color Selection: Ridiculous. Sinful has seemingly endless color options, and every single one that I’ve tried — from cobalt to gold to neon pink — have been extremely saturated and bright. They also recently introduced a new formula called SinfulShine that uses “Gel Tech” to increase shine and wear time. Needless to say, I’m a big fan.

Wear Time: Despite the bargain basement price, I have actually had really good luck with Sinful Color’s wear time. With two coats of polish and a clear topcoat (I like Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength), I can usually stretch my manis to last five days, and sometimes up to a full week, which is much longer than other drugstore brand polishes like Revlon and CoverGirl. I think there’s a psychological aspect to it as well — when a nail polish costs $2 and lasts more than, like, two days, it seems like a joyous miracle. On the other hand, when I spend $8 on a bottle of Essie (or, God forbid, $25 on a bottle of designer polish), whether the first chip appears after three days or seven, it seems like much too soon and causes me start muttering like my dad about how the entire beauty industry is a scam.

Overall: I wouldn’t be surprised if, within the next year or so, my entire nail polish collection is comprised solely of Sinful Colors (at the rate I’m going, I also wouldn’t be surprised if I had to add an extra room onto my house to store all those little bottles). You can’t beat the color selection, the easy-to-use brush, or the price. Is Sinful Colors the best quality nail polish in the world? Nope, but for me it’s comparable to other brands that cost five times as much, and for two bucks a bottle, that makes me a very happy customer!

Rating: 4/5