11 Annoying Things Our Ex-Boyfriends Have Said And How We Reacted (In GIFS!)

Ex-boyfriends, they say the darndest things!  Most of the time, they’re blathering on is fairly harmless, but sometimes they can say things that are so egregiously clueless/insensitive/crappy that they really warrant special attention. Case in point, a couple of weeks ago, an ex of mine started telling me about his latest breakup. As he was explaining why his girlfriend had dumped him — because, she said, vaguely, she wanted to work on herself — I was struck by the inadvertent irony. That was the same bogus reason he used to break up with me! Wow, karma really is a bitch.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one whose ex had absentmindedly said something so perfectly clueless. So I asked around, and collected 10 actually-true things our exes have said to us. Click through for our most annoying ex quotes — and how we reacted to them — and please share yours in the comments!

1. “I still don’t understand why we broke up.”

lady gaga I Do gif

2. “I think I want to be single for awhile”

Jerk off motion

3. “Feel like hanging out sometime?” aka “Will you sleep with me even though we broke up?”

no way

4. “I really regret getting you put in jail. You are the girl I should have married.”

breaking bad what gif

5. HIM: “She dumped me so she could work on herself.”
ME: “That’s the same reason you told me you wanted to break up with me.”
HIM: “Oh yeah! You’re right.”

ex boyfriend karma

6.Where did you buy those super sexy knee high stockings that you used to wear for me? I want to buy a pair for the girl I’m dating.”

really amy poehler gif

7. “You’re prettier and cooler, but she’s not as smart so it’s easier.”

family guy barfing gif

8. “I’m worried I’ll meet someone else, but I really do care about you.”

Morrisssey bitch please gif

9. “You’ll never meet anybody as great as me.”

judge judy rolling her eyes

10. “Sorry for being such an asshole.”

brita from community agreeing gif

11. “I never should have broken up with you.”

Duh Olsen twins gif

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