Woman Arrested For Pretending To Be A Dentist

You can pretend to have read Thomas Pynchon. You can pretend you really love cigars. But you cannot and should not ever pretend to be a dentist. Yet, that’s exactly what Luz Angela Rios-Ossa did. Rios-Ossa was arrested by the Fort Lauderdale, Florida — sigh — police for operating a dental office without a license.

Police confiscated a dental chair and tools Rios-Ossa used to examine patients. Her neighbor, Yami Rivera, who actually works at a real licensed dental office, noted,”It’s life-threatening, actually. Yeah, you can catch an infection and die. If you’re not legally a dentist, that’s serious.” Uh huh, you don’t say.

And you wanna know the worst part? Her husband had previously been arrested for pulling the same scam. I guess pretending to be a dentist is some kind of family hobby? Maybe these people need to try Jenga, or a book club, or some other not-dentistry hobby.

Pro tip: Do not get dental work/plastic surgery/medical procedures in someone’s private home. Because chances are, they’re not supposed to be doing whatever it is they’re doing to you. [WSVN]