Obesity Is Now Recognized As A “Disease” By The American Medical Association

  • Lesley Kinzel from xoJane on how the American Medical Association classified obesity as a “disease” yesterday, but that really doesn’t mean a whole lot in a society with such a warped image of women’s bodies. [xoJane]
  • A Christian college in Pennsylvania can exclude the morning-after pill and birth control from the college health plan, a court ruled yesterday. [Chronicle Of Higher Education]
  • Our Hitched columnist Andrea Grimes on the scary-ass anti-abortion bills eking their way through the Texas legislature. [RH Reality Check]
  • Ladies lie about rape for money, says this guy. [Feministing]
  • Nothing says “pro life” quite like auctioning off assault rifles! [Raw Story]
  • Journalist Bryce Covert on eight reasons pregnant workers need protection from discrimination on the job. [Think Progress]
  • An immigrant wife’s place is in the home, according to visa policy. [Ms. Magazine]
  • A woman was allegedly raped at knifepoint in Brooklyn because the attacker perceived her to be gay. [Queerty]
  • What does a recent Supreme Court ruling that human genes cannot be patented mean for BRCA and breast cancer testing? [Ms. Magazine]
  • Crying because I’m way too old for girls’ robot camp. [UC Newsroom]
  • On issues other than gay marriage that are often forgotten by the mainstream LGBTQ movement. [Feminist.org]
  • On hula dancing and how we fetishize the women who do it. [Racialicious]

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