I’m In Love: Alabama’s All-Male Dance Squad, The Prancing Elites, J-Sette Into Our Hearts

J-Sette is a dance style that emerged out of southern female African-American step teams, but has now become somewhat more pervasive. You can see elements of it in Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video, with its mix of super precise and tightly choreographed moves, done with grace and flair (Beyonce always gets accused of, um, “borrowing” from different styles). J-Setting is super popular in southern African-American gay clubs, but it’s not without its dilemmas. According to Philadelphia choreographer Jumatatu Poe, finding venues that will accept a squad of guys J-Setting can be difficult. “The guys practicing J-Sette are, to a certain extent, limited in terms of where they can dance,” he said in a 2012 interview. “[They] wouldn’t be in the stands with the majorettes at sports games because it’s not typically accepted.” This crew is called the Prancing Elites, and they’re based out of Mobile, Alabama, and they are straight up amazing.

Click through to see another video of the Prancing Elites performing at a Mardi Gras celebration!