Check Out Cher’s First Live TV Performance In 10 Years On “The Voice”

Cher performed her new single, “Woman’s World” on the season four finale of NBC’s “The Voice” last night. She basically rocked it, but not without being super weird as only Cher can be.

There were two main things that surprised me about Cher’s performance. The first was her hair choice. This was the ultimate source of weirdness as far as I’m concerned. There must have been at least three wigs involved in the making of this hairpiece. It is so many things at once. It is both a bright pink fauxhawk and a sleek black hairstyle. I can’t really say that I have anything to compare it to. Cher described her look as “luxe punk” which sounds so cool that I can’t even be that mad about her hair.

The second thing that struck me was how well Cher’s style and voice transitioned into the current fashion of dance music. She looked right at home with the striking light effects behind her and the scantily clad women dancing beside her — while singing a catchy, female empowerment dance track.

Cher’s new studio album, from which “Woman’s World” comes, is called Closer To The Truth and is due in September.

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