Charlie Sheen Reportedly Fired Selma Blair Over Text Message, Called Her The C-Word

  • Odious human being Charlie Sheen reportedly demanded Selma Blair be fired from the FX show “Anger Management” over paranoia she’d been badmouthing him. Well … But the worst part is he reportedly fired her over text message and called her the C-word. [The Wrap, RadarOnline]
  • Miley Cyrus, unlikely marijuana legalization advocate. [Rolling Stone]
  • Celebrity chef and butter enthusiast Paula Deen has admitted in a deposition that she uses the N-word. [Radar Online]
  • Kanye West is in trubs with the American Parkinson Disease Association for lyrics on his new album “Yeezus” that go, “We got this bitch shaking like Parkinsons.” [TMZ]
  • Breast cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge recently said Angelina Jolie wasn’t brave for having a preemptive double mastectomy — and here’s the etiquette for passing judgment. []
  • Lucky magazine editor Brandon Holley has been booted and replaced with Teen Vogue beauty director Eva Chen, reportedly because Holley butted heads with Anna Wintour. [Fashionista]
  • Sunscreens that smell delicious, too? Yes, please. [Lucky Magazine]
  • The “Anchorman 2″ trailer is here. [HyperVocal]

[Photo: WENN]

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