10 Teams You Will Always See At Trivia Night (In GIFs!)

When my brother and his girlfriend visited Nashville last week, I couldn’t wait to take them to one of my favorite bars. We ordered some food and drinks, sat down at a table and started chatting, when suddenly the lights dimmed and a man with a microphone told everyone to choose a team name. We looked at each other with a mix of confusion and delight: apparently we had stumbled into a trivia night. We spent the next two hours answering questions about subjects ranging from insect larvae to Tim Tebow, and we lost badly (half our team was jet-lagged!). After doing trivia in multiple cities across the country, this latest experience made me realize something: every trivia night, no matter where you are, no matter how formal or casual, will attract the exact same roster of teams. They are as follows…

1. The cargo short-wearing bros who loudly boo any category that isn’t “Sports:”

Steve Holt

2. The nerds who probably got made fun of in high school by those very same cargo short-wearing bros, and now trounce them in trivia every week:

Revenge of The Nerds

3. The team that comes up with such an impossibly fantastic trivia team name that you want to give up then and there because you will never be that clever:

George Michael

4. The totally shameless team who sends its most attractive member over to flirt with the quizmaster between questions:


5. The people who come to trivia every damn week and still need the rules to be repeated 5 times:

Dumb GIF

6. The team that takes it WAY too seriously and has a bunch of trivia superstitions —one person always does the writing, they have to sit at the same table every time, and they might even have matching t-shirts:

high five gif

7. The team who is relying on their one super-genius member to carry them to victory while the rest of the team gets drunk:


8. The cheating team that surreptitiously keeps looking up answers on their smartphones:

Scrubs GIF

9. The group of friends who just wanted to grab a beer, didn’t know it was trivia night, and has no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into:

Taylor Swift

10. The team who challenges all the answers, demands half points, and usually still loses:

Serena Williams