UK Politician, Simon Parkes, Comes Out As An Alien

In middle school, I had a teacher who was obsessed with aliens and used all of our class time to convince us that they existed. I was 12 and had to start sleeping on the floor of my parents’ bedroom because I was convinced I would be abducted. My parents made me drop the class so I could sleep in my bedroom again. And this man later went on to run for city council and win.

I thought my teacher/ city councilman was weird. Now I know he wasn’t so crazy. Meet Simon Parkes, a Labour Councillor in the UK (he represents constituents on a city level) who knows all there is to know about aliens because he is one. He also works as a driving instructor in his spare time. Aliens really are everywhere.

In this hour-long interview (a shout out to the interviewer who manages to stay extremely neutral), Parkes also goes into Hubbard-esque detail about soul agreements with aliens, what happens during an “abduction,” the different alien races, (little greys, reptiles, humanoids, etc.). Some of the the 53-year-old’s more interesting claims include that he’s fathered ten children, all twins, three of which are named Zarka, Zarouf, and Ree-Karl, with an alien woman he calls The Lion Queen. And this wasn’t just a one-night stand. Parkes sees the Lion Queen about four times a year for sex and this is causing issues with his human wife and three human children, obvs.

He also says he was abducted by aliens starting from the age of six, where he had holographic sex with The Reptile Woman while his “daddy,” The Reptile Man, advised him. “The man is there to take, the woman is there to give. The only reason the woman is put onto earth is to serve and make replacements,” instructed his “daddy.” Then Parkes said that they ate the  flesh of The Reptile Woman together so that they could officially be father and son. And speaking of replacements, you’re probably wondering about his mother. Parkes’ “real mother” is  a 9-foot tall extra-terrestrial with eight fingers.

I strongly urge you to watch this video in its entirety. I think Parkes has a bright future as a Sci-Fi writer or the leader of a cult. I  also think you’ll enjoy Parkes’ original illustrations that go along with his encounters of the third kind. Below are sketches of his alien children and The Reptile Woman he fucked and then ate when he was six while his daddy watched. [Huffington Post UK]