On Don Draper, Dick Whitman & Consent

  • SPOILER: Why wasn’t there more of a discussion about the prostitute who nursed a young Dick Whitman back to health and then took sexual advantage of him? [The Atlantic]
  • There’s an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today by editorial board member James Taranto that posits the military’s effort to clean up sexual assault is a “war on male sexuality.” As blogger Amanda Marcotte put it so well on Twitter, “Most men don’t rape, actually, James Taranto. But implying that they do emboldens rapists who want to believe they’re normal.” [Wall Street Journal]
  • Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri announced a Support For Hillary political action committee to encourage former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016. [Guardian UK]
  • Chlamydia is everywhere, so Massachusetts is considering expanding its sex ed. [Think Progress]
  • Why is the GOP still pushing limits on abortion? [New York Times]
  • The inaccurate and inflammatory way that Fox News’ coverage of the lives of transgender folks contributes to violence and discrimination against them, according to research by the journalism watchdog group Media Matters For America. [MMFA]
  • A former soldier wants visitation or custody of a child he conceived with a 14-year-old (when he was 19). Ick. [Kansas City Star]
  • Bauer Publishing is debuting three more newsstand magazines aimed at women and girls. [AdWeek]
  • Cleveland is finally attending to its backlog of rape kits — and putting serial rapists behind bars. [Slate]
  • How can we make women’s basketball more popular? [New York Times]
  • On eight decades of Lois Lane. [The Atlantic]


  • On “those poor Muslim women.” [The Feminist Wire]
  • Argentina street art is educating the public about how most sex workers are single mothers and need protections. [Guardian UK]
  • Saudi Arabia has sentenced two women’s rights activists to prison time for helping a Canadian woman who was married to an allegedly abusive Saudi man flee the country. [Human Rights Watch]

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