Feminist Taylor Swift Twitter Account Boasts 76,000 Followers In 6 Days

It all began with Amelia’s future husband, the sizzling Ryan Gosling, after he expressed his disappointment with the NC-17 rating his movie, “Blue Valentine,” received because it featured him giving oral sex to costar Michelle Williams. The strict rating discouraged Gosling because, if the genders were reversed, and a scene where a woman performs oral on a man was shown, the film would get a less strict, R-rating. Gosling’s feminist stance inspired the beloved and well-known Tumblr blog, Feminist Ryan Gosling.

Recently, more feminist parodies have been exploding across the web, specifically on Twitter. Beginning on June 12, Feminist Taylor Swift (@feministtswift) tweeted, “She wears short skirts/ I wear T-shirts/Neither of us is asking for it,” and has since gained more than 76,000 followers in just six days. Since its beginning, Feminist Taylor Swift has tweeted 72 times, including my personal favorite, “You were Romeo/ I was a scarlet letter/ Because I’ve had like, 6 boyfriends/ Which isn’t even that many/ Slut shaming is a real problem.”

Another popular Twitter account, Feminist Hulk (@feministhulk), has gained almost 69,000 followers with tweets, in all caps of course, like, “WHETHER YOU MALE PARENT OR FEMALE WORKER, YOU DESERVE MORE EMPATHY AND EMPOWERMENT THAN CAN FIT IN BINDER!”

Feminist Taylor Swift has definitely seized the microphone back from Kanye, with Feminist Kanye (@feministkanye) only receiving 6,000 followers thus far. I find this Twitter the most comical, mainly because I can’t stand Kanye and can’t picture him rapping, “Two words, pro choice, Plan B, health care/step up, right wing, if you, fuckin dare.”

After hearing Justin Beiber sing lyrics like, “I’m gonna put you first, I’ll show you what you’re worth,” I’m happy to see a Feminist Justin Bieber Twitter account, although inactive for about two years and only 885 following (@feministbieber).

What are your favorite “Feminist Celebrity/Musician/Actor/Politician/etc” Twitter accounts?